Definition of "subjunctive" [sub•junc•tive]

  • Of, relating to, or being a mood of a verb used in some languages for contingent or hypothetical action, action viewed subjectively, or grammatically subordinate statements. (adjective)
  • The subjunctive mood. (noun)
  • A subjunctive construction. See Usage Note at if. (noun)

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Use "subjunctive" in a sentence
  • "Can you explain to me what the term subjunctive means?"
  • "Be that as it may (a subjunctive phrase) most English subjunctive is in the form of word construction."
  • "When I wrote that I'd like to get rid of the subjunctive in Spanish, it was said mostly tongue in cheek because, as a former Spanish teacher, I was always telling my students how important the subjunctive is in Spanish and, yes, it's used a lot, and, yes, it's used in everyday conversation, not just in writing and formal speech."