Definition of "subject" []

  • Being in a position or in circumstances that place one under the power or authority of another or others: subject to the law. (adjective)
  • Prone; disposed: a child who is subject to colds. (adjective)
  • Likely to incur or receive; exposed: a directive subject to misinterpretation. (adjective)
  • Contingent or dependent: a vacation subject to changing weather. (adjective)
  • One who is under the rule of another or others, especially one who owes allegiance to a government or ruler. (noun)
  • The predominant theme or topic, as of a book, discussion, etc (noun)

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  • (in combination) (noun)
  • Any branch of learning considered as a course of study (noun)
  • A word, phrase, or formal expression about which something is predicated or stated in a sentence; for example, the cat in the sentence The cat catches mice (noun)
  • A person or thing that undergoes experiment, analysis, treatment, etc (noun)
  • A person who lives under the rule of a monarch, government, etc (noun)
  • An object, figure, scene, etc, as selected by an artist or photographer for representation (noun)
  • That which thinks or feels as opposed to the object of thinking and feeling; the self or the mind (noun)
  • A substance as opposed to its attributes (noun)
  • A melodic or thematic phrase used as the principal motif of a fugue, the basis from which the musical material is derived in a sonata-form movement, or the recurrent figure in a rondo (noun)
  • The term of a categorial statement of which something is predicated (noun)
  • The reference or denotation of the subject term of a statement. The subject of John is tall is not the name John, but John himself (noun)
  • An originating motive (noun)
  • Being under the power or sovereignty of a ruler, government, etc (adjective)
  • Showing a tendency (towards) (adjective)
  • Exposed or vulnerable (adjective)
  • Conditional upon (adjective)
  • To cause to undergo the application (of) (verb)
  • To expose or render vulnerable or liable (to some experience) (verb)
  • To bring under the control or authority (of) (verb)
  • To subdue or subjugate (verb)
  • To present for consideration; submit (verb)
  • To place below (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "subject" in a sentence
  • "-- _Write five interrogative sentences, using the first word below as a subject; the second as a subject and then as a modifier of the subject; the third as a subject and then as a modifier of the subject_: --"
  • "Knowing the anxiety that will be felt on this subject, though we doubt if the future King can be called _a subject_ at all, we have collected the following exclusive particulars: --"
  • "Mr. Garnett having inquired what subject Butler and Jones would take up when they had finished “Narcissus, ” Butler said that they “might write an oratorio on some sacred subject”; and when Garnett asked whether they had anything in particular in mind, he replied that they were thinking of “The Woman Taken in Adultery."