Definition of "subhuman" [subhuman]

  • (adjective) Below the human race in evolutionary development.
  • (adjective) Regarded as not being fully human.

Use "subhuman" in a sentence

  • "I have purposefully hyphenated the word subhuman in this article to add emphasis to the root of the word which is human because that root word is very important!"
  • "In fact, Zedillo's slavish obeisance to the NAFTA treaty and the neoliberal global economy has increased the number of Mexicans who live below the poverty line, some say by as much as 40%; dislocated millions of peasants and forced them into the edges of the cities to live in subhuman conditions while seeking work; made the Army a power in the civilian government roughly equal to where it stood in 1968 when the UNAM massacre took place; choked off needed funding for the systems of free education and health care; increased dramatically the percentage of Mexicans who are illiterate, addicted, and committing crimes; and produced more billionaires than have France, Great Britain, and Spain combined."
  • "And, those conditions can only be described as subhuman - dangerously filthy, and without the most rudimentary sanitary facilities or basic medical care."

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