Definition of "subcommittees" [subcommittees]

  • (noun) Plural form of subcommittee.

Use "subcommittees" in a sentence

  • "All employees exempt and nonexempt participated in the training, and managers were assigned to subcommittees to address Crosby’s 14-step improvement process.4 One of the first ideas stemming from the subcommittees was a “supplier day,” designed to get local suppliers involved in the quality process."
  • "By now we had divided our work between two subcommittees, one for the foreign intelligence agencies and one for the domestic agencies, and I was asked to chair the domestic task force."
  • "Becker was invited to testify before two subcommittees of Issa's panel Thursday but declined because his family had previously scheduled a trip, said William R. Baker III, an attorney for Becker."

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