Definition of "stymie" [sty•mie]

  • (verb-transitive) To thwart; stump: a problem in thermodynamics that stymied half the class.
  • (noun) An obstacle or obstruction.
  • (noun) Sports A situation in golf in which an opponent's ball obstructs the line of play of one's own ball on the putting green.

Use "stymie" in a sentence

  • "That situation was called a stymie, and the term came to mean any block or obstruction. tee off; teed off To tee off is to begin the play of a hole by driving the ball off the tee."
  • "He had a great game, but fortunately we had a balance enough of attack to kind of stymie whatever he was able to do, '' Gordon said."
  • "This is a very useful stroke to practise, for the particular kind of stymie to which it applies occurs very frequently, and is one of the most exasperating of all."

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