Definition of "sty" [sty]

  • An enclosure for swine. (noun)
  • A filthy place. (noun)
  • To shut up in or live in a sty. (verb-transitive)
  • Inflammation of one or more sebaceous glands of an eyelid. (noun)

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Use "sty" in a sentence
  • "He kept a pig, and was wont to boast that he possessed the highest pigsty and the lowest barn in the country, because the sty was a structure of his own erection, in the old brick tower, above the level of the surrounding ground; while his straw was stored in an excavation (still existing) several feet below."
  • "Does the writer delicately hesitate to call a sty a sty, or has the internment of the food-hog really begun?"
  • "That bit of our heritage was a brazen statement about the promise, and the pig sty, that is democracy - that only a completely open society, tolerant of all views, would thrive."