Definition of "stubby" [stub•by]

  • (adjective) Having the nature of or suggesting a stub, as in shortness, broadness, or thickness: stubby fingers and toes.
  • (adjective) Having a short, stocky build; thickset.
  • (adjective) Short and blunt, as from much use: a stubby pencil. See Regional Note at stob.
  • (adjective) Covered with or made of stubs.
  • (adjective) Short and bristly: a stubby beard.

Use "stubby" in a sentence

  • "Weldcraft's gas lens product line consists of three main styles - standard size, large diameter and 'stubby' - to fit TIG torches with 10N or 13N series front-end parts and to accommodate tungsten-electrode diameters ranging from 0. 020in (0. 508mm) to 5/32in."
  • "You see, they have trouble differentiating between members of their fairer sex and a short beer bottle known as a stubby."
  • "(known as a stubby) ratchets like a Swiss clock, fits all standard attachments, and comes with a bunch of bits, as well as extenders to help you get at hard-to-reach screws."

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