Definition of "stone" []

  • Concreted earthy or mineral matter; rock. (noun)
  • Such concreted matter of a particular type. Often used in combination: sandstone; soapstone. (noun)
  • A small piece of rock. (noun)
  • Rock or a piece of rock shaped or finished for a particular purpose, especially: (noun)
  • A piece of rock that is used in construction: a coping stone; a paving stone. (noun)
  • The hard compact nonmetallic material of which rocks are made (noun)

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  • A small lump of rock; pebble (noun)
  • A piece of rock designed or shaped for some particular purpose (noun)
  • (in combination) (noun)
  • Something that resembles a stone (noun)
  • The woody central part of such fruits as the peach and plum, that contains the seed; endocarp (noun)
  • Any similar hard part of a fruit, such as the stony seed of a date (noun)
  • A unit of weight, used esp to express human body weight, equal to 14 pounds or 6.350 kilograms (noun)
  • The rounded heavy mass of granite or iron used in the game of curling (noun)
  • A table with a very flat iron or stone surface upon which hot-metal pages are composed into formes; imposition table (noun)
  • (in certain games) a piece or man (noun)
  • Any of various dull grey colours (noun)
  • (as adjective) (noun)
  • Relating to or made of stone (noun)
  • Made of stoneware (noun)
  • Completely (adverb)
  • To throw stones at, esp to kill (verb)
  • To remove the stones from (verb)
  • To furnish or provide with stones (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "stone" in a sentence
  • "It isn't a woman; It's a blight upon the sex: A freak: It's _stone_, and when lightning strikes stone something bursts to smithereens."
  • "Stone of Foundation is said, for peculiar reasons, to have been of a cubical form, must it be confounded with that stone called by the continental Masons the _cubical stone_ -- the _pierre cubique_ of the"
  • "Expose the stone to direct sunlight and hold an opaque white card a few inches from the stone, in the direction of the sun, so as to get the bright reflections _from within the stone_ reflected onto the card."