Definition of "stickiness" [stick•i•ness]

  • (noun) the property of sticking or adhering; adhesion
  • (noun) warmth and humidity, as on a muggy day
  • (noun) the tendency to stay the same despite changes in the economy
  • (noun) the presence of unique attributes that make a product indisposable and valuable to its owner
  • (noun) a research measure that captures the extent to which viewers wish to spend more time looking at or reading a print ad.

Use "stickiness" in a sentence

  • "It seems to me there's a certain "stickiness" to academic economists 'thinking about outsourcing's impact."
  • "Market forces will squeeze profit margins, but the long-term stickiness of MMOs and the added profits makes the completely detached business suits see green only."
  • "And then there is the matter of the "stickiness" - of keeping people using Google because they keep their email there."

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