Definition of "starlets" [starlets]

  • (noun) Plural form of starlet.

Use "starlets" in a sentence

  • "There's a long and honorable tradition of starlets, which is what Stone was when she appeared in the magazine, and fading starlets, like Arquette, posing for Playboy, but I can't think of a single serious star who did it, even one who felt her career faltering or fading."
  • "The pupils are so-called starlets best known for their empty heads and eating disorders; troublemakers one step away from incarceration; and junior royals too embarrassing to be let out in public."
  • "Big-name starlets like Bette Davis ( "The Letter") and Katharine Hepburn ( "The Philadelphia Story") were up for the 1940 award but didn't win, losing out to Ginger Rogers for the title role in "Kitty Foyle.""