Definition of "starchy" [starch•y]

  • (adjective) Containing starch.
  • (adjective) Stiffened with starch.
  • (adjective) Of or resembling starch.
  • (adjective) Stiff; formal: "this starchy, old-fashioned hotel room” ( Anne Tyler).

Use "starchy" in a sentence

  • "Luckily the book reminded me of the thickening properties in starchy baking potatoes, and since I already had my food processor out and shredding carrots, I tossed in a leftover raw potato from our bin and added it to the mixture."
  • "On the other hand, obesity expert Dr. David Ludwig — interviewed by Taubes for the Times article – found that mice developed a condition called "fatty liver" when fed a diet high in starchy carbs."
  • "A few nuts, such as the acorn, cocoanut and chestnut, are very rich in starch, and these should be classified as starchy foods."

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