Definition of "stainless" [stain•less]

  • (adjective) Without stain or blemish: a stainless reputation.
  • (adjective) Resistant to stain or corrosion: stainless metal.
  • (adjective) Made of a stainless material: a stainless teapot.

Use "stainless" in a sentence

  • "In a muzzleloader i believe the stainless is a big plus because of ease of cleaning and improved water and corrosion resistance."
  • "Julie Platner for The Wall Street Journal For this overhaul, Frank Fusaro, of Handel Architects, removed the faux facades and stucco and cover the building in stainless steel tiles with a coating dubbed the Dream Finish: It's polished enough to reflect the blues and whites from the sky overhead, but not enough to mirror passers-by."
  • "My present one is a Model 700 mountain stainless/laminate in .260 Remington -- about as good as it gets."

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