Definition of "stadia" [stadia]

  • (noun) A telescopic instrument having two parallel lines through which intervals on a calibrated rod are observed, used to measure distances.
  • (noun) The parallel lines in this instrument.
  • (noun) The calibrated rod so used.
  • (noun) The technique of measuring distances with this instrument.
  • (noun) A plural of stadium.

Use "stadia" in a sentence

  • "If racism is far less prevalent in English stadia nowadays, it seems to have become open season on anything to do with opposing players, whether personal foible, physical appearance, family matters or off-field indiscretion."
  • "The remaining shows (if there are any) will cover the decades of Bad Drum Sound and other musical atrocities, like playing in stadia."
  • "Egypt, and, to make them conquerors, he did not suffer them to have their breakfasts until they had run a hundred and eighty stadia, which is about eight of our long leagues."

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