Definition of "spotter" [spot•ter]

  • (noun) One that applies spots.
  • (noun) One that looks for, locates, and reports something, as:
  • (noun) A military or civil defense lookout.
  • (noun) Informal A person hired to detect dishonest acts by employees, as in a bank.
  • (noun) Sports One who identifies players on the field, as for a radio or television announcer.

Use "spotter" in a sentence

  • "* In the first scene, Gunny Swagger and his spotter are about to shoot at bad guys and the spotter is calling off distances in yards."
  • "So it may have just been where they think units are moving or they have indications from what they call a spotter, someone informing them."
  • "Not to mention that your spotter could be your best friend."

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