Definition of "spot" []

  • A place of relatively small and definite limits. (noun)
  • A mark on a surface differing sharply in color from its surroundings. (noun)
  • A blemish, mark, or pimple on the skin. (noun)
  • A stain or blot. (noun)
  • Games A mark or pip on a playing card; a spade, club, diamond, or heart. (noun)
  • A small mark on a surface, such as a circular patch or stain, differing in colour or texture from its surroundings (noun)

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  • A geographical area that is restricted in extent (noun)
  • A location (noun)
  • A blemish of the skin, esp a pimple or one occurring through some disease (noun)
  • A blemish on the character of a person; moral flaw (noun)
  • A place of entertainment (noun)
  • A small quantity or amount (noun)
  • An awkward situation (noun)
  • A short period between regular television or radio programmes that is used for advertising (noun)
  • A position or length of time in a show assigned to a specific performer (noun)
  • The white ball that is distinguished from the plain by a mark or spot (noun)
  • The player using this ball (noun)
  • One of several small black dots on a table that mark where a ball is to be placed (noun)
  • Denoting or relating to goods, currencies, or securities available for immediate delivery and payment (noun)
  • Involving immediate cash payment (noun)
  • To observe or perceive suddenly, esp under difficult circumstances; discern (verb)
  • To put stains or spots upon (something) (verb)
  • (of some fabrics) to be susceptible to spotting by or as if by water (verb)
  • To place here and there (verb)
  • To look out for and note (trains, talent, etc) (verb)
  • To rain slightly; spit (verb)
  • To place (a ball) on one of the spots (verb)
  • To adjust fire in order to correct deviations from (the target) by observation (verb)
  • To yield (an advantage or concession) to (one's opponent) (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "spot" in a sentence
  • "This description implies the assemblage of strangers from all parts in one spot; -- _from all parts_; else, how will you find professors and students for every department of knowledge? and _in one spot_; else, how can there be any school at all?"
  • "Or (if the elastic cord has already been fastened) we may remove the eye-tube and shift the telescope-tube about -- the direction in which the sun lies being roughly known -- until we see the spot of light received down the telescope's axis grow brighter and brighter and finally become a _spot of sun-light_."
  • "More specifically. briandonnelly @MaileShoul Oh there is one in the house - took the title spot from Tori Spelling's novella. delicacy Tori Spelling @ 7th Anniversary Of Belle Gray Boutique"