Definition of "splitter" [split•ter]

  • A person or a thing that splits. (noun)
  • A scientist in one of various fields who prefers to split categories such as species or dialects up into smaller groups. (noun)
  • In baseball, a splitfinger fastball (a type of pitch). (noun)
  • A draggable vertical or horizontal bar used to adjust the relative sizes of two adjacent windows. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "splitter" in a sentence
  • "It ain't Hillary that's killing the party – with 90% of the African American vote, I believe we can say that the party splitter is Obama and he's doing it down racial lines."
  • "I simply took the upstairs connection and plugged it directly into the internet/cable splitter, thus reducing one splitter from the equation."
  • "To the hitter, the fastball and splitter come out of his hand the same way, but the splitter is roughly 5 to 7 mph slower and drops at the last second."