Definition of "splint" [splint]

  • (noun) A thin piece split off from a larger piece; a splinter.
  • (noun) A rigid device used to prevent motion of a joint or of the ends of a fractured bone.
  • (noun) A dental appliance put on the teeth to protect them from grinding or from moving out of place.
  • (noun) A thin, flexible wooden strip, such as one used in the making of baskets or chair bottoms.
  • (noun) A plate or strip of metal.

Use "splint" in a sentence

  • "This splint is also commonly recommended for older children who have limited movement in their hands but are working on strengthening shoulder and elbow muscles."
  • "A weightbearing splint is recommended to allow your child to obtain weightbearing positions (i.e. crawling, side sitting)."
  • "A resting hand splint is recommended to keep your child's hand in an open position."

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