Definition of "spike" []

  • A long, thick, sharp-pointed piece of wood or metal. (noun)
  • A heavy nail. (noun)
  • A spikelike part or projection, as: (noun)
  • A sharp-pointed projection along the top of a fence or wall. (noun)
  • A thin, sharp-pointed vertical rod for impaling papers; a spindle. (noun)
  • A sharp point (noun)

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  • Any sharp-pointed object, esp one made of metal (noun)
  • A long metal nail (noun)
  • A transient variation in voltage or current in an electric circuit (noun)
  • A graphical recording of this, such as one of the peaks on an electroencephalogram (noun)
  • A sudden increase (noun)
  • Shoes with metal projections on the sole and heel for greater traction, as used by athletes (noun)
  • The straight unbranched antler of a young deer (noun)
  • To secure or supply with or as with spikes (verb)
  • To render ineffective or block the intentions of; thwart (verb)
  • To impale on a spike (verb)
  • To add alcohol to (a drink) (verb)
  • To reject (a news story) (verb)
  • To hit (a ball) sharply downwards with an overarm motion from the front of one's own court into the opposing court (verb)
  • (formerly) to render (a cannon) ineffective by blocking its vent with a spike (verb)
  • To increase suddenly (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "spike" in a sentence
  • "Local Government Association chief John Ransford said there had been a "short term spike" in redundancies as councils made changes to cut long-term costs."
  • "At first, OPM officials attributed the poor performance to what they described as a spike in traffic from first-time visitors and old members logging in to check passwords."
  • ""The roll you get in the 'spike' is that 'ard you can't eat it nicely with less'n a pint of water," said the Carpenter, for my benefit."