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  • Indicating a spectrum (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

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  • "Experiments have shown that each object or material has its own special radiation called a spectro image that identifies it, something like finger prints identify a person."
  • "Bobby "weenus" Hicks had a chance to speak the ruggedly handsome and all around talented fragger Nick 'spectro' Olea about POV's acceptance into ESEA-invite, their newest player, and a variety of other topics."
  • "A Chicago postdoc named Mark SubbaRao, who had spent the past two years on spectro 1D, thought Schlegel was infuriating and walked out quietly."
  • "I looked at the spectro data back then, and all of it was rather heavy elements with "absorption" lines, and not emission lines, as you would expect from a binary pair eclipsing the primary."
  • ""Do be a love and run a spectro-analysis on this?""
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