Definition of "speaking" []

  • Capable of speech. (adjective)
  • Involving speaking or talking: has a speaking part in the play. (adjective)
  • Expressive or telling; eloquent. (adjective)
  • True to life; lifelike: a speaking likeness. (adjective)
  • On speaking terms Friendly enough to exchange superficial remarks: We're on speaking terms with the new neighbors. (idiom)
  • Eloquent, impressive, or striking (adjective)

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  • Able to speak (adjective)
  • Able to speak a particular language (adjective) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "speaking" in a sentence
  • "The Organization of Labor "-- [_Left speaking_, says our reporter.]" Left speaking: "alas, that he should have to" speak "so much!"
  • "My difficulty in speaking is to know what you would like to know about my profession as a nautical man."
  • "She began immediately to make sounds which she called speaking, and I saw the necessity of correct instruction, since her heart was set upon learning to talk; and, feeling my own incompetence to teach her, never having given the subject of articulation serious study, I went with my pupil for advice and assistance, to Miss Sarah Fuller."