Definition of "spats" [spats]

  • (noun) Plural form of spat.
  • (noun) A stiff legging worn over the instep and ankles of a shoe
  • (noun) Similar device for horses
  • (noun) Long hair on front of lower legs of heavier horses (over the hooves), especially draft horses, notably the Clydesdale breed.

Use "spats" in a sentence

  • "In any case, it'd be good to see a leader in spats again."
  • "But the intellectual property specialists do little service to the promotion of the general understanding of their field by engaging in spats like those mentioned above."
  • "And just think, a few miles to the south, the Anaheim Angels have been self-destructing all season, with players in spats with players, players in spats with the manager, coaches in spats with the general manager, and the tight-fisted and hoping-to-be-squeaky-clean Disney ownership looking to bail out."

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