Definition of "south" []

  • The direction along a meridian 90° clockwise from east; the direction to the right of sunrise. (noun)
  • The cardinal point on the mariner's compass 180° clockwise from due north and directly opposite north. (noun)
  • An area or region lying in the south. (noun)
  • The southern part of the earth. (noun)
  • The southern part of a region or country. (noun)
  • One of the four cardinal points of the compass, at 180° from north and 90° clockwise from east and anticlockwise from west (noun)

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  • The direction along a meridian towards the South Pole (noun)
  • The player or position at the table corresponding to south on the compass (noun)
  • Situated in, moving towards, or facing the south (adjective)
  • (esp of the wind) from the south (adjective)
  • In, to, or towards the south (adverb)
  • (of the wind) from the south (adverb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "south" in a sentence
  • "Remote parts of the South: While most of the focus has been on NOLA, I am more concerned about the rest of the south."
  • "Under South African law, arms cannot be sold to Yemen because of this year's fighting between north and south."
  • "South of the equator the recurrence of the seasons is the exact reverse of their recurrence north of the equator, and therefore the breeding season of the birds is in the autumn instead of the spring; the flight from winter cold occurs in the spring instead of in the autumn, and is toward the north instead of toward the south."