Definition of "sourdough" [sourdough]

  • (noun) Sour fermented dough used as leaven in making bread.
  • (noun) An early settler or prospector, especially in Alaska and northwest Canada.

Use "sourdough" in a sentence

  • "Yes | No | Report from jamesti wrote 3 weeks 6 days ago sourdough is the man?"
  • "Instead, I'm nagging grandson to split some wood and fill the stove, thinking about making some whole grain sourdough bread to warm the kitchen, and hoping those moles that keep re-growing after removal on my hubby's back are not melanoma – which his grandfather, uncle and aunt died of."
  • "You can get five different veggies of your choice on a plate at Hecho en Mexico, one of my favorites overall, though it has plenty of meat, chicken and fish on the menu (its cheeseburger on grilled sourdough is my favorite)."

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