Definition of "sos" []

  • An internationally recognized distress signal in which the letters SOS are repeatedly spelt out, as by radiotelegraphy: used esp by ships and aircraft (noun)
  • A message broadcast in an emergency for people otherwise unobtainable (noun)
  • A call for help (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "sos" in a sentence
  • "They could have called a variocoupler a 'gol,' a potentiometer a 'dit,' an induction coil a 'lim,' (l-i-m) and a variable condenser would look just as pretty if it were written out as a 'sos' -- but no! They forgot the good example set by the grid, the volt and the ohm and they went and used jawbreakers."
  • "The poor soul has to simply restate it in other words sos he can pass the class."
  • "A non-soaped sos pad and a 9 volt battery always goes to the woods with me, just don't store them in the pocket of you pack."
  • "ET 26 min: "The coach was sent to the stand for shouting "Vos sos un ladron" at one of the officials, you could hear it on TV in Peru," says Jimmy McManners."