Definition of "sort" [sort]

  • (noun) A group of persons or things of the same general character; a kind.
  • (noun) Character or nature: books of all sorts.
  • (noun) One that exemplifies the characteristics of or serves a similar function to another: "A large dinner-party ... made a sort of general introduction for her to the society of the neighbourhood” ( George Eliot).
  • (noun) A person; an individual: The clerk is a decent sort.
  • (noun) A way of acting or behaving.

Use "sort" in a sentence

  • "_little plant_ or sort, as _Pouchong_, or _folded sort_, refers to the mode of packing it; _Campoi_ is corrupted from _kan pei_ i.e. carefully fired; _Chulan_ is the tea scented with the chulan flower, and applied to some kinds of scented green tea."
  • "She was approaching them at a brisk trot, greeting her numerous acquaintance as she passed with familiar nods, at each giving her horses an additional touch, and pursing up her lips to accelerate their speed; indeed, she was so intent upon the management of her reins, and her eyes so fixed upon her cattle, that there was no time for more than a sort of sidelong glance of recognition; and every additional smack of the whip seem'd to say, "_Here I come -- that's your sort_.""
  • "KIRBY: The title sort of emerged out of the text itself. . ."

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