Definition of "sophic" []

  • Indicating knowledge or an intellectual system (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "sophic" in a sentence
  • "These questions were not merely of technical philo - sophic interest."
  • "This concept suggests that all metals are composed of different proportions of a sophic sulphur and a sophic mercury."
  • "Dante as the poet who synthesized previous philo - sophic, literary, and popular ideas brings a vast eclec - ticism into the concepts of Fortune, Fate, and Chance."
  • "Some belong to the literature of whimsy and escape, others to science fiction, a considerable number to satire, and many to that ill-defined genre, the philo - sophic tale."
  • "The Hindu conception of deity combines, or rather comprises, two distinctive traditions, which might be conveniently designated the “popular” and the “philo - sophic.”"