Definition of "solmization" [sol•mi•za•tion]

  • Music The act or a system of using syllables, especially sol-fa syllables, to represent the tones of the scale. (noun)

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Use "solmization" in a sentence
  • "Boethius's gesture might be interpreted as arithmetic counting; however, since his presence points also to the discipline of music, the gesture might allude to the mnemonic finger notation devised by Guido d'Arezzo (ca. 990 – 1050) for solmization. back"
  • "Gombert was not above occasional solmization puns as on the words ‘ut’ and ‘sol’ in O gloriosa Dei genitrix."
  • "From about 1800, singing-school tunebooks bagan to be published in a four-shape system of shaped noteheads corresponding to the then current Elizabethan solfa solmization."
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