Definition of "sol" [‖Sol•sol]

  • (noun) Music The fifth tone of the diatonic scale in solfeggio.
  • (noun) An old French coin worth 12 deniers.
  • (noun) See Table at currency.
  • (noun) A colloidal solution.

Use "sol" in a sentence

  • "And while they battled, the sun stood still. solstice is derived from the Latin word sol, which means sun, and sistere, which means to stand still."
  • "We have just passed the summer solstice, (from the Latin sol for sun and sistere for standing still) the time when the earth “stands still” in a moment that has come to mark the separation of seasons."
  • "Priyanka of Lajawaab showcases the coconut in this pretty pink Solkadhi, a medley of coconut milk and a special fruit called the sol or amsul."

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