Definition of "snowmen" [snowmen]

  • Plural form of snowman. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "snowmen" in a sentence
  • "Kids like you used to sculpt it into statues they called snowmen or packed it into snowballs and threw them at one another."
  • "O'Driscoll does a great job of sketching out the characters, their relationships and filling their miserable lives with the kind of dread and unease that you can almost taste at the back of your tongue but when it comes time to move this story out of 'grim social realism' and into 'Horror' it all rather falls apart amidst random snowmen, which is a real pity as up until that ending, the story was going great guns."
  • "I am one who puts out some Christmas decorations such as snowmen, Santa Claus figurines and even a small tree I sit on my desk."