Definition of "snorkel" [snorkel]

  • (noun) A breathing apparatus used by swimmers and skin divers, consisting of a long tube held in the mouth.
  • (noun) A retractable vertical tube in a diesel-engine submarine that contains air-intake and exhaust pipes for the engines and for ventilation, permitting extended periods of submergence at periscope depth.
  • (verb-intransitive) To dive using a snorkel.

Use "snorkel" in a sentence

  • "The scuba mask has to be made of tempered glass and has to fit my face, the fins have to be scuba fins (sturdier, broader from what I understand) and the snorkel is nothing special, but theyjust want you to use your own."
  • "For the intake you will need to construct a snorkel from the airbox intake tube to the 2-inch coupling that you installed into the front plastic."
  • "Kauai brings out the languid traveller in me, and the idea of snorkel boats and helicopters never overcame the wonderful lethargy of beachcombing, strolling and hammock inspection that mark many of my trips to the island."

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