Definition of "small-leaved" []

  • Tilia cordata: a tiliaceous deciduous tree of the N temperate genus Tilia, having heart-shaped leaves and small fragrant yellowish flowers: cultivated for timber and as shade trees (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "small-leaved" in a sentence
  • "Until about 1800 this was wood pasture where commoners of the forest grazed their animals and coppiced or pollarded the small-leaved limes, oak, beech, hazel and holly."
  • "Of course, we should have made nettle rope, or used twisted bark of the small-leaved lime in the traditional Neolithic way, but we compromised with brown twine."
  • "Like true woodlanders, George and his wife Sue live perched 800 feet above the treetops of the ancient small-leaved lime woods that cover the south-facing bank of the Wye Gorge upstream from Tintern Abbey."
  • "Uniquely, the small-leaved limes of the Wye Valley are relatively gregarious."
  • "The pudding stones have been piled on top of, or around, huge old coppice stools of small-leaved limes, oak or hazel."