Definition of "smale" [smale]

  • A dialectal form of small. Chaucer.
  • The form of a hare. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "smale" in a sentence
  • "The ratio of visitors to posters is very very smale."
  • "Ynde and abouten Ynde, ben mo than 5000 iles, gode and grete, that men duellen in, with outen tho that ben inhabitable, and with outen othere smale iles."
  • "And thei eten houndes, lyounes, lyberdes, mares and foles, asses, rattes and mees, and alle maner of bestes, grete and smale; saf only swyn, and bestes that weren defended by the olde lawe."