Definition of "slinker" [slinker]

  • A name of the pickerel, Esox lucius, in Maine and Canada. This fish is found from Alaska to the Ohio river in America, and in northern parts of Asia and Europe. See cut at pike. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "slinker" in a sentence
  • "All my trolls slinker off to their oddball activities when bombarded with facts, anyway."
  • "Onlookers used to the swagger of pre-Red Millbrook days hardly recognised the dimmed round-shouldered slinker as the wolf of the tracks, the sexual predator that had set alarmed mothers scurrying protectively after their chicks."
  • "That would mean either making conversation with Miss Thornhill in the drawing room or slinking off to hide in a room where she was not — and he had never been a slinker."