Definition of "slicker" [slick•er]

  • (noun) A long water-repellant coat usually made of oilskin.
  • (noun) A raincoat made of a glossy or shiny material, such as plastic or rubber.
  • (noun) A tool for dressing hides.
  • (noun) Informal A cheat; a swindler.
  • (noun) Informal A person with stylish clothing and manners.

Use "slicker" in a sentence

  • "Author: Kyle DeBruhl “Oh man†¦ ” Jeremy sighed as he stared out the window. “The old man†™ s at it again. ” He pulled himself out of the chair and lumbered to the front door, seizing an rain slicker from the coat rack as he went."
  • "They also use what they call a slicker, being a dull edge of copper of about six or seven inches long set in a piece of wood, to serve as a handle."
  • "Many other items will fit intothe box, and I usually fill it up along with my rain slicker and foding shooting sticks."

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