Definition of "slaver" [slav•er]

  • To slobber; drool. (verb-intransitive)
  • To behave in an obsequious manner; fawn. See Synonyms at fawn1. (verb-intransitive)
  • Saliva drooling from the mouth. (noun)
  • Senseless and effusive talk; drivel. (noun)
  • One, such as a person or ship, that is engaged in the trafficking of slaves. (noun)

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Use "slaver" in a sentence
  • "I realize that that's not what the author chose to focus on, but my God, choosing to base an identity politics ( "tragi") comedy on a slaver is about as misguided as the warm-family-tragicomedy-in-Nazi-death-camp peesashit "Life is Beautiful" was."
  • "However, the slaver is impressed by his spirit and decides he shall be trained as a Tunnel Warrior for the upcoming war with the wombat-riding Warriors of Doom."
  • ""The slaver is a ghost ship sailing on the edges of modern consciousness," Mr. Rediker writes."