Definition of "ska" [ska]

  • (noun) Popular music originating in Jamaica in the 1960s, having elements of rhythm and blues, jazz, and calypso and marked by a fast tempo and a strongly accented offbeat.

Use "ska" in a sentence

  • "Subject: 2.1: Introduction In response to all of those ` ` Isn't ska some dance form of reggae? '' questions, I present the following historical background to the music we call ska, gleaned from liner notes I have lying about the place, various postings to (news: alt. music.ska), and sundry emailings with helpful ska fans."
  • "Central Park SummerStage -- Hear some Latin American ska and funk on Friday, see a new play commissioned by the NYC Parks Department on Saturday, and get down with Jimmy Cliff and up-and-coming reggae stars on Sunday."
  • "The English Beat was one of the first and best bands to play around with the proto-reggae style known as ska, with a mind toward bending it into a form of pop fit for England in the 1970s."

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