Definition of "siting" [siting]

  • (verb) Present participle of site.
  • (verb) Common misspelling of citing.
  • (verb) Common misspelling of sitting.

Use "siting" in a sentence

  • "In particular, it needs to lay out clear standards and guidelines for future projects and prevent last-minute efforts to sabotage the approval process so investors and developers can more accurately gauge the time and costs involved in siting new facilities."
  • "But while applauding creation of a new entity to develop long-term siting, nuclear critics questioned the idea of new interim sites and of holding out the option of reprocessing spent fuel."
  • "Even if you don’t install solar electric panels now (and I don’t recommend it, economically, at present) at least plan for the future possibility in siting your house – give it a clear southern exposure (you probably will anyway to maximize passive heating)."

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