Definition of "sifter" [sift•er]

  • (noun) A tool for sifting, especially one for powdered cooking ingredients.
  • (noun) One who sifts.
  • (noun) Any lamellirostral bird, as a duck or goose, so called because it sifts or strains its food from the water and mud by means of the lamellae of the beak.

Use "sifter" in a sentence

  • "A large sifter is good for the first few strainings but when you're down to the teensy knitty grit, a smaller sifter is better."
  • "But even if your goal is to have a lot of followers, following people makes you a better 'sifter'; someone who pick through what people are talking about and find interesting topics and threads. ""
  • "A combination of a snow blower and farming sifter called the 'Sand Shark' is on hand to help clean the tar, but the machine only goes to a depth of six inches, and CNN shows that a layer of oil remains deep below that."

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