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Definition of "sicht" []

  • A Scotch form of sight. (noun)
  • A Scotch form of sigh. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "sicht" in a sentence
  • "To see how they live and waste here, it is a wonder the whole city does not 'bankrape, and go out o' sicht '; - flinging platefuls of what they are pleased to denominate' crusts '"
  • "Now wes the king cumin to the fute of the crag, and all his nobilis severit, heir and thair, fra him, at thair game and solace; quhen suddenlie apperit to his sicht the fairist hart that evir wes sene afore with levand creature."
  • "Och, but the wean outskraugh, sclentan back on the breist o his nourrice, fairlie dumbfounert he was at the sicht o his daddie that loed him, fleggit sair at the bress and the crest wi its wallopan horsehair, kelteran doun frae the tap o the bassanat, unco the sicht o't."