Definition of "shrubby" [shrub•by]

  • (adjective) Consisting of, planted with, or covered with shrubs.
  • (adjective) Of or resembling a shrub.

Use "shrubby" in a sentence

  • "The savannas dominated by grasses are essentially free of shrubs and trees; but in some cases, low shrubby or suffruticose elements may be present, thus classifying as shrubby meadows of scrub savannas."
  • "The so-called shrubby calceolarias used for bedding are increased from cuttings, planted in autumn in cold frames, where they can be wintered, protected from frost by the use of mats and a good layer of litter placed over the glass and round the sides."
  • "I eventually hope to have something big and shrubby in front of the garage on the left -- that side looks empty to me."

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