Definition of "shrewd" []

  • Characterized by keen awareness, sharp intelligence, and often a sense of the practical. (adjective)
  • Disposed to artful and cunning practices; tricky. (adjective)
  • Sharp; penetrating: a shrewd wind. (adjective)
  • Astute and penetrating, often with regard to business (adjective)

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  • Artful and crafty (adjective)
  • Piercing (adjective)
  • Spiteful (adjective) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "shrewd" in a sentence
  • "But Manning claims it was Katherine, not Joe, who gave Michael Jackson his business sense, which he described as shrewd and fair."
  • "Scrimgeour stopped too, leaned on his stick and stared at Harry, his expression shrewd now."
  • "Trae said, "He is described as a shrewd man and an astute judge of character.""