Definition of "shoulder-length" []

  • Long enough to reach a person's shoulders (adjective) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "shoulder-length" in a sentence
  • "His shoulder-length hair splayed across the collar of his gold and purple cutaway coats, which often framed chartreuse vests and floral-print ties."
  • "At 61, she had blue eyes and shoulder-length blond hair and sat quietly across the table from me, smiling and sipping a spritzer."
  • "They're only now getting used to the idea that Mr. Lincecum just might have figured out how to keep an arm healthy slinging a mid-90s fastball, despite his small body, shoulder-length hair and a throwing motion that resembles a Slinky unfurling diagonally."
  • "The shoulder-length blonde hair, bright colors and, yes, the pantsuits are here to stay."
  • "Standing well over 6-feet, with shoulder-length hair, and a charming smile, Shubhankar Ray is much like the brand he represents: striking, handsome and consummately cool."