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Definition of "short-stemmed" [short-stemmed]

  • Having a short stem (adjective)

WordNet. Princeton University. 2010.

Use "short-stemmed" in a sentence
  • "And not only was it stunted and short-stemmed, but sparsely distributed as well."
  • "Since the city folk plucked those with the longest stems and biggest bowls, and since it is the law of kind to procreate kind, the long-stemmed, big-bowled poppies failed to go to:, seed, and a stunted, short-stemmed variety remained to the hills."
  • "He upended the takeaway carton—a glutinous mass of noodles, water chestnuts, and pallid chicken pieces—onto a plate and left it steaming weakly while he grabbed a bottle of Navarra from the counter top, uncorked it, and filled a small, short-stemmed glass."