Definition of "shored" [shored]

  • (adjective) Having a shore, often one of a specified type.
  • (verb) Past participle of shore

Use "shored" in a sentence

  • "Alex Ovechkin shored up my vote for MVP when I saw him score twice in the third period on the Red Wings in Washington back in January."
  • "The Bible tells me so, but my faith in the truthfulness of the Word is shored up by a number of relatively recent discoveries in physics, math, astronomy, and chemistry that have confirmed that the universe had a definite beginning."
  • "It had become apparent to one or two more practical and sober-minded in the party, that certain portions of the "Blazing Star" tunnel (owing, perhaps, to the exigencies of a flattering annual dividend) were economically and imperfectly "shored" and supported, and were, consequently, unsafe, insecure, and to be avoided."

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