Definition of "shard" [shard]

  • (noun) A piece of broken pottery, especially one found in an archaeological dig; a potsherd.
  • (noun) A fragment of a brittle substance, as of glass or metal.
  • (noun) A small piece or part: "shards of intense emotional relationships that once existed” ( Maggie Scarf).
  • (noun) Zoology A tough sheath or covering, such as a shell, scale, or plate.
  • (noun) Zoology The elytron or outer wing covering of a beetle.

Use "shard" in a sentence

  • "After the bombing the Israelis had indeed bulldozed everything so that I was able to find just one piece of evidence that beauty had flourished on this hillside, a shard from a piece of colorful tile, about the size of my hand."
  • "The recent world record of over 30,000 concurrent users on a single shard is a testament to the clusters capabilities and CCP is looking forward to support at least 50,000 concurrent users."
  • ""My babies," she said, only the last inch of the sword shard emerging from her eye socket."

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