Definition of "shad" [shad]

  • (noun) Any of several food fishes of the genus Alosa, especially the North American species A. sapidissima, related to the herrings but atypical in swimming up streams from marine waters to spawn.

Use "shad" in a sentence

  • "Yes | No | Report from TheEasternShore ... wrote 42 weeks 5 days ago sexy shad is producing for me also senkos"
  • "If no big bites I start throwing a supper spook jr in shad or perch and again on heavy line around the outsides of brush piles and vegetation. my next lure would be a zoom frog thrown alon gthe banks and brushIf no 6-10 lbr's are caught then I'd switch to spinners, jigs and worms."
  • "Weight: 1/8 oz. Details: Threadfin shad are a favorite forage of our crappie."

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