Definition of "shackle" [shac•kle]

  • (noun) A metal fastening, usually one of a pair, for encircling and confining the ankle or wrist of a prisoner or captive; a fetter or manacle.
  • (noun) A hobble for an animal.
  • (noun) Any of several devices, such as a clevis, used to fasten or couple.
  • (noun) A restraint or check to action or progress. Often used in the plural: economic shackles that precluded further investment.
  • (verb-transitive) To confine with shackles; fetter.

Use "shackle" in a sentence

  • ""Is a title worth it-- does a title shackle a person?" the former Alaska governor asked during a discussion of her 2012 plans"
  • "She trotted out a line she's used before - going back, as JMart points out, at least a year to her fall appearance in Iowa - where she asked this question, Does a title shackle a person..."
  • "In fact, the chain shackle and wire rope clambered, as it were, up out of the groove on the right-hand side of the V of the wheel, got on the top of the rim of the V-wheel, and rushed down with a crash on the smaller wheel, giving, no doubt, a severe shock to the cable to which it was attached."

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