Definition of "shack" []

  • A small, crudely built cabin; a shanty. (noun)
  • To live or dwell: farm hands shacking in bunkhouses. (verb-intransitive)
  • Shack up Slang To sleep together or live in sexual intimacy without being married. (idiom)
  • Shack up Slang To live, room, or stay at a place: I'm shacking up with my cousin till I find a place of my own. (idiom)

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Use "shack" in a sentence
  • "In sim, we pretend that the shack is a bubble and the path is a pressurized tunnel."
  • "Instead of a dump, this shack is a mansion in an Eden-like garden where God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit embrace him."
  • "Mack's weekend at the shack is a compressed journey toward belief, forgiveness and acceptance."