Definition of "sha" [sha]

  • A very light, thin silken material made in China; silk gauze. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "sha" in a sentence
  • "Chesser encouraged readers to take advantage of Facebook, Paltalk and, especially, Twitter, which he said was "the future of social-media and we need to utilize it now in sha'a Allah.""
  • "In a tweet captured by the ADL, he reported, "The kuffar are really starting to pick up on the South Park story in sha'a Allah this can be the USA's version of the Rushdie affair in UK.""
  • "June 11, 2008 10: 23 AM shior!! abegi, i ll be back to check for a proper update jare, anyhoos, goodluck one kain-one kain sha!, lol!!!"