Definition of "session" [ses•sion]

  • (noun) A meeting of a legislative or judicial body for the purpose of transacting business.
  • (noun) A series of such meetings.
  • (noun) The term or duration of time that is taken by such a series of meetings.
  • (noun) The part of a year or of a day during which a school holds classes.
  • (noun) An assembly of people for a common purpose or because of a common interest: a gossip session.

Use "session" in a sentence

  • "A two-day mini-meeting on the special topic of Biological Anthropology (April 26-27) will include four symposia, a platform session, and a poster sessionĀ¬, all designed to shed light on cranial and postcranial functional anatomy, adaptations in soft-tissue anatomy and fossil evidence for human evolution."
  • "#get the session data back out again during some other request my % session; tie % session, 'Apache:: Session:: MySQL', $id; validate ($session {visa_number});"
  • "#get the session id for later use my $id = $session {_session_id};"

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